Hand’s On: Best Truck Driver Gloves

Think those gloves from Wally World are cutting it? Think again. We talked to truckers and found the best truck driver gloves on the market today.


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July 9, 2021
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What’s one essential item every truck driver needs? The answer is hands-on: all truckers need a good pair of gloves. The best truck driver gloves provide grip, protect your hands, and make it easier to handle materials. The right gloves can make or break your job performance when your career is behind the wheel. But how do you know which gloves for truck drivers are the best?

Think the 3-pack you find at Wally World is good enough? Think again. The best truck driver gloves feature abrasion resistance, are touchscreen compatible, are heavy-duty, and are form-fitting for greater dexterity. High-quality trucker gloves can be either synthetic leather, real leather, or other materials. 

We’ve broken down everything you need to know about the best truck driver gloves and have even put together a list of a few of the top options. Let’s get hands-on so you’ll be wearing the right gloves next time you fuel up, load up, unhitch, or hit the open road.

What Type of Gloves do Truck Drivers Need?


Truck driving is a seriously hands-on job. That means your hands need to be protected and wearing gloves is essential. Most truck drivers find they need three different types of gloves to get the job done right.

3 Types of Truck Driver Gloves

What type of gloves do truck drivers need?  Most truck drivers benefit by having 3 kinds of gloves in their toolbox:

  • Winter gloves: Working hands are warm hands. If you’re driving through cold weather conditions or even working in a reefer, winter gloves will keep your fingers warm and toasty.
  • Canvas work gloves: A good pair of canvas work gloves can protect your hands in all kinds of situations. These gloves will likely come in handy when you’re working with chains, hand tools, or even checking frozen brakes.
  • Leather work gloves: Canvas work gloves can protect your hands, but they can also absorb moisture and chemicals. Leather work gloves are essential for keeping hands safe when fueling up and checking oils and belts. Leather gloves are soft and waterproof.

Gloves are important, but there are many other accessories you’ll need for a happy, productive life on the road. We put together a great list of essential trucker gear to help you get what you need for your next long haul.

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What Are the Best Gloves for Truck Drivers?


The glove aisle at a truck supply or hardware store can be overwhelming with options. Let’s break down a few of the best truck driver gloves so you’ll know what to look for next time you need to pick up a pair.

Mechanix Wear Gloves for Truck Drivers

Mechanix Wear gloves were born in the motorsports industry, but have since become a staple for truckers, too. Amazon reviews for the Mechanix Wear M-Pact Open Cuff work gloves prove this, as you’ll find many reviews from satisfied drivers. In fact, 82% of Amazon reviewers give the gloves 5-stars. Many truck drivers cite comfort, durability, and warmth in their reviews.

The Mechanix Wear M-Pact Gloves are touch-screen friendly and come in large sizes. They are made from synthetic leather and rubber, so you can wear them when fueling up or checking the oil. Additionally, you’ll find most Mechanix Wear gloves are machine washable.

You’ll find the Mechanix Wear brand come up over and over again if you browse the trucker forums for glove recommendations. Some drivers find that they prefer glove styles with padding on the back of the hand and a bit of thickness in the palm. The extra padding provides comfort and protection should a wrench or tool slip.

Kinco Gloves for Truck Drivers

Kinco work gloves are also mentioned frequently in trucker forums. The Kinco Pro Hi-Vis Driver Easy-On Gloves are a favorite of many drivers thanks to their features, comfort, and value. These gloves come in lined and unlined styles.

High-visibility features make these Kinco driver gloves safe to use in all kinds of situations. The gloves have a bright orange spandex back with 3M Scotchlite Reflective patches on the wrist and knuckles. An elastic wrist makes it easy to slip the gloves on and off. The thumb even has terry cloth to serve as a sweat wipe when you’re working hard.

Kinco also makes high-visibility gloves for cold weather, as well as the Hydroflector double-coated latex gloves which are perfect when pumping fuel. Another important thing to keep in mind is that Kinco gloves for truck drivers come in both women’s and men’s sizes, from Small to XXL.

Carhartt Gloves for Truck Drivers

Carhartt is known for making gear for hardworking people, and truck drivers are no exception. The System 5 Work Gloves are a great glove solution for truckers. They are made of cotton duck material with a leather palm, so they come in handy when hitching up, working with chains, checking the brakes, and other essential duties that come with a career behind the wheel.

Unlike many other cotton or canvas gloves, the Carhartt System 5 Work Gloves are water-resistant. While they aren’t waterproof and safe for wearing while fueling the truck, they will help keep your hands dry when loading in rain or other inclement weather. 

There’s also an insulated version of the System 5 Work Gloves on the market, which means they can double as winter gloves. 73% of Amazon reviewers gave the insulated Carhartt work gloves 5-stars, citing high-quality, perfect fit, and heavy-duty ratings. 

Wells Lamont Gloves for Truck Drivers

Wells Lamont has been making work gloves for more than 110 years and has a diverse product catalog. You’ll even find multiple Wells Lamont gloves for truck drivers, from full leather gloves to fingerless gloves.

You’ll find that Wells Lamont makes gloves from a variety of different materials. Goatskin leather is a popular option for the best truck driver gloves because of its high-tensile strength and ability to resist abrasion. Deerskin leather is another good choice and can also be found in the Wells Lamont catalog.

Overall, the best truck driver gloves are high-quality and durable. Look for gloves with an elastic wrist, touchscreen compatibility, and abrasion resistance to keep your hands safe and protected when you’re hard at work.

Are Driving Gloves Any Good?


For most cases, the best truck driver gloves are sturdy work gloves you can wear when handling freight, fueling up, checking the brakes, and performing other essential functions. But what about when you’re behind the steering wheel? Are driving gloves any good?

Most truckers prefer to go bare-handed when behind the wheel. However, if you feel like a pair of driving gloves would help you get a better grip on things, by all means, wear them! Some truckers swear by motorcycle-style driving gloves; others might prefer luxury leather driving gloves you’d find in a sports car.

The best truck driver gloves all boils down to personal preference. Driving gloves are great if you think you need them, but it’s also okay if you prefer not to wear them.

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