How to Get Free Audiobooks for Truckers

Learn and explore new worlds as you conquer the highways! Learn how to get free audiobooks for truckers.


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May 3, 2021
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Hours spent over the open road require entertainment. In fact, listening to audiobooks as you travel can help you stay alert, pass the time behind the wheel, and more. Another great thing about audiobooks: You don’t always have to pay for them. Learn how to get free audiobooks for truckers and make the most of your time on the road.

Want to know how to get free audiobooks for truckers? There are a few places to look. There are several apps you can download to your phone for free audiobooks. Your local library likely even has an app you can use to check out free audiobooks on your phone. Even music services like Spotify have streaming audiobooks you can listen to for free. 

Ready to get listening? No matter your genre of choice, knowing how to get free audiobooks for truckers will come in handy when you’re traveling the open roads.

Can I Listen to Audiobooks for Free?

There are many benefits to listening to audiobooks on the road. The right book can make the hours on the road feel like minutes. This kind of active engagement can help prevent driver fatigue and help you stay safer on the road by staying alert.

Wondering if you can listen to audiobooks for free? The answer is a resounding yes! There are many sources online, on your phone, and even through your local library where you can find and listen to audiobooks for free. All you need to enjoy free audiobooks in your truck, in many cases, is an aux cord or Bluetooth connection.

There are many sources for free audiobooks available both on the web and via apps. While you’ll find a few sources online for pirated audiobooks, we’re only going to focus on finding free, legal audiobooks. It is important to keep intellectual property rights in mind, as there can be serious consequences to downloading illegal books. Additionally, pirated audiobooks can come with a host of viruses that can infect your device. Play it safe and stick to legal downloads.

Need a break from audiobooks? Check out the truck driver tunes you need to add to your playlist!

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Where Can I Get Audiobooks Online for Free?


Some truckers claim to spend up to 90% of their time on the road listening to audiobooks. The average audiobook is about 11 hours long. This means some truck drivers might go through 4 audiobooks a week if they’re listening during their regular hours of service.

The cost of 4 audiobooks a week can add up fast. This is why many drivers look for ways to get free audiobooks. Wondering where can I get audiobooks online for free? Let’s look at some of the websites you can use to find free audiobooks.


Enjoy the classics? Librivox is a website that offers free audio versions of public domain books. What does the public domain mean when it comes to audiobooks? Public domain means the book has no copyright. The book might have been written before copyright laws existed or the original copyright might have expired. 

Librivox lets you listen to recordings of public domain books at no charge. You’ll find free audiobooks ranging from classic tales like Tolstoy’s War and Peace and The Great Gatsby. Is non-fiction more your jam? Look for the recording of excerpts from The Origin of Species by Charles Darwin and pretend you’re traveling on The Beagle with this legendary explorer and scientist.

Loyal Books

Like Librivox, Loyal Books offer free access to audiobooks in the public domain. Like a good mystery? Consider checking out The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or The Scarlet Pimpernel. 

Loyal Books is organized by genre and is super easy to search. No matter what you’re in the mood to listen to, you’ll find it with this site’s easy navigation. You’ll also find paid books on the site where you can download bestsellers, including those from Oprah’s Book Club. 

Survey 2 – Audiobooks or Podcasts

Open Culture

Looking for another easy-to-navigate source for free audiobooks? Open Culture is a website dedicated to providing free educational and cultural material. If you have a love of learning, you’ll likely love this site.

Open Culture has audiobooks from authors ranging from Neitzsche to Vonnegut, which means you can find something for everyone on their lists. Open Culture also provides a list of free podcast sites, letting you find even more unique listens at no charge.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is another source of public domain audiobooks. The project has been around since 1971 and provides readers with free access to e-books, audiobooks, digitized art, and much more!

You’ll find both human-read and computer-read free audiobooks available through Project Gutenberg. Human-read options include Moby Dick (human-read) and The Wizard of Oz (also read by a human).

These are just a handful of the websites you’ll find online with free access to audiobooks. Looking for an even easier way to get free listening material and audiobooks? There’s an app for that! Let’s dive into some apps for audiobooks and see what it takes to find your next free favorite.

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Apps for Audiobooks


Yes, there’s an app for that. You’ll find many apps for audiobooks available for download on both Apple and Android devices. Let’s look at some sources for both free and paid audiobooks.

Loyal Books

As many of the sources mentioned in the previous section, Loyal Books offers in-cab listeners a wide variety of audiobooks in the public domain. The Loyal Books app is an easy, free download for both Andriod and iPhone users. Check out spooky titles like Frankenstein or Dracula, or enjoy an easy listen like The Wind in the Willows.


Got a library card? Then you likely have access to OverDrive, as 43,000 libraries and schools nationwide offer patrons this online service. OverDrive is a  downloadable app that lets you access tens of thousands of ebooks through your library’s catalog. You’ll find new releases and more in the OverDrive collection. One caveat: there might be a wait for some of the most popular titles.


Like OverDrive, Hoopla is a digital service available through your local public library. Hoopla can let you check out the latest audiobooks to listen to while you’re on the road, often with no wait thanks to multiple licenses. Additionally, you might be able to access other media services through Hoople, like music, movies, comics, and more!


Audible might be one of the most popular app out there for audiobooks. However, unlike the previously mentioned websites and apps, Audible isn’t free. The app will give you a 30-day trial at no charge; from there you’ll pay $14.95/month. It might be worth it though. Audible gives you access to the latest books and even best sellers, all without a wait. While the monthly fee will one cover one book, you can buy more by linking your Amazon account.


Downour works similar to Audible in that it is a paid subscription. However, unlike Audible, you do not purchase audiobooks through the app — you rent them. Downpour gives you access to each book for 60 days, which gives you plenty of time to listen. However, it also means you’ll lose access to the book when the time expires. You can find titles from the best-sellers list on Downpour, which means there’s always something new and trending to listen to.


Scribd is another paid service for audiobooks, but it might be the best value out there. For just $9.99 a month, Scribd gives you access to tens of thousands of audiobooks, ebooks, magazines and more.

Listening to audiobooks is a great way to learn as you drive. Another way to keep your mind fresh? Consider learning Spanish on the road.

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