More Than a Check: Truck Driver Benefits

Looking for a rewarding career? The list of truck driver benefits is lengthy and adds up to a satisfying work experience.


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June 4, 2021
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It’s something experienced drivers know and newbie truckers are eager to find out. Truck driver benefits are way more inclusive than the check you get every two weeks. In fact, you might find that the benefits of a career behind the wheel range of freedom and flexibility to the ability to make a difference to access to driver-exclusive resorts.

There are many advantages you’ll find when you opt for a job on the road. Ten of the best truck driver benefits include:

  1. Job security and industry growth
  2. Flexibility and freedom
  3. Steady paychecks and great income potential
  4. Programs for Veterans and military-friendly trucking companies
  5. Ability to make a difference and provide an essential service
  6. Access to the latest and greatest truck tech and gear
  7. Nearly endless opportunities to travel and explore
  8. Great employer benefits like insurance, paid vacation, and retirement
  9. Inclusive career, with many great CDL jobs for women and more
  10. Cool creature comforts, like exclusive resorts when you drive for ABCO Transportation

Of course, you’ll find other benefits to opting into a great career as an over-the-road, regional, or even local route truck driver. Some of the advantages listed above are exclusive to driving for ABCO Transportation; others will apply to other trucking jobs as well. Let’s take a look and break down some of the best truck driver benefits.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Truck Driver?


The benefits of a career in truck driving are plentiful. Drivers right out of truck driving school or CDL training should look for the best trucking company to drive for. Businesses like these offer benefits like sign-on bonuses, regular pay raises, retirement plans, and a host of other advantages.

What are the benefits of being a truck driver? Here are a few of the perks you’ll find to a great career in the trucking industry.

Job Security and Plenty of Opportunities

Truckload capacity is tight right. The scarcity of available trucks for supply chains stems from a driver shortage. While this might be bad news for shippers, it is good news for truck drivers. The shortage comes with job security and plenty of opportunities for those just out of CDL training, experienced drivers, and those returning to the industry. 

Flexible Schedule and Freedom

There’s something about the open road that just appeals to many. One benefit of being a truck driver is the opportunity to take advantage of the flexibility and freedom that comes with a career behind the wheel. Trucker career paths can include long haul drivers who work long stints but on their own time, or might include a local route that puts you home each weekend.

Great Income Potential

Truck drivers can make good money. Pay rates across the trucking industry are rising, sometimes at rapid rates. In fact, reports indicate that C.R. England recently announced that pay rates for drivers increased more than 50% between 2018 and 2021.

You can also take advantage of tax deductions for truck drivers!

Opportunities for Veterans

As a whole, the truck driving industry appreciates those who have served. Those with military experience may find many unique truck driver benefits, ranging from access to funding for driving school to an easy transition into a career. In fact, we recently published a post about how to find military-friendly trucking companies and the benefits of a trucking career after service.

Make a Difference

Nearly 12 billion tons of freight moved on trucks across the United States in 2019, keeping supply chains strong and moving. This freight was essential to nearly every industry. Valuable and life-saving pharmaceuticals move on trucks. In-demand computer chips move on trucks. Grocery shelves are stocked with food and produce that move on trucks. Truckers make a difference and keep the world moving. Knowing industries thrive on the supplies you deliver can be a great feeling and a definite truck driver benefit.

Cool Truck Tech and Gear

Life behind the wheel comes with cool stuff. Maybe your trucking company is like ABCO Transportation and has a new fleet of top-of-the-line Peterbilts with Bose comfort in each cab. Maybe you just like cool gadgets and trucker tech to make life easier on the road. Regardless, one benefit of being a truck driver is access to the latest and greatest vehicles and gear.

Opportunities to Travel and Explore

Truck driving jobs can take you all over the country and sometimes even across borders. One benefit of a career behind the wheel is that it comes with plenty of opportunities to travel and explore. 

Awesome Employer Benefits

Not only does a truck driving career come with a great salary and awesome income potential, but the fringe benefits can be terrific, too. For example, ABCO Transportation offers drivers benefits like medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Other perks in the ABCO benefit package include customized home time, job option flexibility, career development paths and programs, and exclusive driver resorts.

Inclusive Career For All

People from all walks of life can find a successful calling as a truck driver. Men, women, college graduates, veterans, and others can benefit from a rewarding career behind the wheel. We even broke down a few of the good things you’ll find with CDL jobs for women in a recent post. Is inclusivity and opportunity for all is valuable to you? If so, this is a truck driver benefit you might enjoy. 

Creature Comforts and More

ABCO Transportation drivers often agree that one truck driver benefit outshines them all. Enjoy the creature comforts at two exclusive resorts in beautiful destinations in North Carolina and Florida. 

The truck driver benefits outlined above are just a handful of the good things that can come with a career on the road. Are you looking to make the most of your calling behind the wheel? Browse truck driver jobs with ABCO and chart a path toward career success.

Do Truckers Make Good Money?


Benefits are great, but money talks. Do truckers make good money? Absolutely. Let’s look at the numbers. 

The most important factor in making good money as a trucker is finding a company that treats you right. Drivers with ABCO Transportation enjoy a competitive starting salary.

Owner-operators can do even better. According to figures from, those with their own rig and driving their own business can bring in around $200,000 each year. 

However, this salary comes with a few caveats. Working independently as an owner-operator doesn’t come with the same stability that driving for a fleet might. Business can wax and wane and isn’t always dependable. You’re also stuck with many expenses: marketing yourself, truck maintenance and repairs, and many other costs that add up fast.

The money is just one of many truck driver benefits. This means that if you’re looking for a lucrative career with great perks like those outlined in the previous section, you will likely find it behind the wheel.

Is it Worth Being a Trucker?


Being a trucker comes with all kinds of benefits. But is it worth behind a trucker? That answer is a resounding YES.

Investing your time in a truck driving career comes with many great benefits. Great salary, great fringe benefits, and a sense of accomplishment all accompany pursuing a calling over the open road. 

Five reasons why it is totally worth being a trucker include:

  • Travel
  • Independence
  • Cool lifestyle
  • Personal satisfaction
  • Great truck driver benefits

With so many great truck driver benefits and reasons why a career behind the wheel is worth it, why don’t you dust off your resume and get to work for ABCO Transportation? If you’re at least 23 years old, have a Class A CDL, and a year of driving experience, it’s time to upgrade your career and really see why a truck driving career is worth it.

Truck Driver Benefits from ABCO Transportation

Are you ready to get behind the wheel for a great company that values you? If so, it’s time to get on the road with ABCO Transportation. You’ll feel appreciated every day you’re at work with great truck driver benefits like:

  • Retirement planning and 401(k) with employer contributions
  • Paid vacation time, in addition to customized time off at home
  • Robust insurance including health, dental, vision, and life 
  • Per mile pay, in addition to a great salary
  • Beautiful driver resorts in Florida and North Carolina
  • Advancement opportunities and career training programs

Does any (or all) of the above sound good to you? If it does, it is time to get in the driver’s seat and start a rewarding career with ABCO Transportation. See why we’re the best in the business and why you’ll love being on the road with us. Contact us today with any questions.

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  1. Most truck drivers think the best thing about being a truck driver is the freedom that comes with spending time on the open road. They appreciate that the scenery is always changing and they get to explore points of interest around the country, too.

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