Night Time Truck Driving Tips

Night time truck driving tips include keeping a clean windshield, using high beams correctly and safely and not driving when you are tired.


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October 7, 2020
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The early nights and darker skies are upon us. When Daylights Savings Time ends, night time truck driving tips are more important than ever. And when winter approaches, you’ll find yourself driving at night a lot more than you may have during the summer months. Truck driving can be great fun, however, with these changes. When visibility will be lower and temperatures get colder, it’s time to start preparing yourself for the potential dangers on the road that follows. 

Night time truck driving tips include keeping a clean windshield, using high beams correctly and safely and not driving when you are tired. To help with the darker nights, we have put together a few tips to help you stay safe when driving a truck at night.

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Top Night Time Truck Driving Tips

Follow these tips for successful night time truck driving: 

Keep a clean windscreen

When driving a truck at night, it is essential (and is your responsibility) to make sure your windscreen is clean and you have full visibility available.Try not to limit your visibility at any cost. Driving with a dirty windscreen can not only obscure your surroundings on the road, but it can also be distracting. At night, you may also find that a dirty windscreen can reflect the light from oncoming cars, which may detract your eye from the road.

Try not to look into oncoming headlights

Other cars or trucks will inevitably be driving on the road at the same time as you. When driving on smaller roads, try to avoid looking directly into opposing car headlights as this can impair your night vision, making it harder to drive your truck. Instead, it is advised to look towards the opposite side of the road and follow the road markings until the vehicle has driven past you.

Use your High Beams at the correct time

More likely than not, the later you are driving, the quieter the roads will be. With some roads not being lit, visibility can be low, meaning using your high beams are ideal. A high beam will increase the brightness and make the road ahead more comfortable to drive. When using your high beams, it is essential to do so correctly, and that you turn it off at the correct times.

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Tips for Using High Beams at Night

  • Never use high beams when driving behind another vehicle
  • Turn off when going around a corner or turning onto a new road
  • Do not use when foggy as the light reflects onto you
  • Avoid using high beam when you have oncoming traffic
  • Anticipate and be ready to turn the high beam off as soon as a vehicle approaches
  • Do not put your high beams on when overtaking a vehicle. This could potentially blind the driver of the other car, making it unsafe when you overtake.

Don’t drive when you are getting tired

Truck driving at night can be tiring at first, so it’s important to realize when you are getting sleepy. Statistically, it is said 1 in 5 accidents are caused due to tiredness, which is why you should be taking a break at regular intervals to refresh, walk around and maybe get a drink. It is also essential you get a good night’s sleep the day before, improving concentration and helping you stay alert.

Be aware of drunk drivers 

Unfortunately, there are a higher number of drunk drivers on the road at night. To keep yourself safe, be aware of this and watch for drivers who may not be driving within their lane correctly. If you suspect a driver is driving under the influence of alcohol, slow down and keep a distance from them. If there are multiple lanes, change lanes and be aware until it is safe to overtake and continue your journey. It’s also good to be more mindful when driving at the same time as the bars and pubs close as this can, unfortunately, lead to more people driving to get home on time while under the influence.

Night Time Driving Reaction Time Tricks

  • Allow a greater distance between you and the vehicle ahead. If you need to brake quickly, this will allow more time, reducing the chance of you colliding into them.
  •  If you are in a busy area, reduce your speed so that you have enough braking time, should you need to react quickly.
  • Reduce the volume of your music when you need to increase your concentration.
  • Try to become familiar with the drive before you attempt it. By being familiar with the roads you will be more aware and be able to react quicker instead of trying to understand the road whilst driving it
  •  As mentioned above, fatigue will make you react slower. The more rest you get before driving, the more alert you will be. Therefore your reaction time will be quicker.

Make sure you have checked the condition of your truck before driving

Before starting your night drive, make sure your truck is clean and all the lights are working correctly. If one of your lights isn’t working, you will have enough time to fix it before starting your drive, making it safer for everyone on the road. (Think how difficult it can be to see a car when they have only one headlight on). Lights to check would be your headlights, taillights, reflectors, and marker lights. This test should be done quickly and efficiently every day before you start your journey.

Need more safety tips? Check out our articles on driving in rainy weather, driving in winter weatherdriving on mountain roads, and driving in the summer!

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We hope that our night time truck driving tips above were useful and you feel safer on the roads and have a safe, enjoyable experience truck driving at night. If you are looking for a new truck driving opportunity, CDL training tips and more, make sure you check out our local, OTR and regional truck driving opportunities. We even offer truck driver jobs in Florida and CDL jobs in Las Vegas. Enjoy our truck driving tips too, including, our guide to trucker slang and other helpful posts. 

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