Sleeper Cab Tips that Keep Drivers Happy

Creating a good sleep environment in your truck sleeper cab can help your life and your schedule.


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September 9, 2020
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Getting the correct amount of sleep for truck drivers is a common challenge and often leaves trucking companies needing to provide sleeper cab tips for their drivers. A trucker’s day isn’t anything like those in other professions. If you need to haul across the country, then you need to take the recommended amount of breaks to ensure you are fit for the road. New truckers especially sometimes struggle to deal with this. This is because it is a huge adjustment from the comforts of home. Truckers need to be safe and well-rested in order for the driver to be at their best standard. 

The number one reason that sleeper cabs tips are so important, is for your safety. The CDC shows you that driving a semi-truck can be an extremely demanding job, and having a lack of sleep can make it even more difficult to meet the demands of the job, increase the risk of drowsiness and crashes. Because the job is considered a 24/7 role that keeps you on the road for long periods, even during the night, it can certainly affect your sleep routine. Creating a good sleep environment in your truck sleeper cab and sticking to a good sleeping routine can help to improve a trucker’s quality of sleep. 

Below we are going to have a look at some of the best sleep cab tips to keep truck drivers happy.

Semi Truck Sleeper Accessories


You are on the road for days and weeks at a time, sometimes you may even spend months away from home. Therefore, the last thing you want is a drab and business-looking appearance in your semi-truck sleeping cab. You will spend several hours inside this cab, so it is certainly more than just your office. It should be considered as your home away from home. By using the right truck driver accessories and checking with the owner/operator, you can create a comforting feeling in your sleep cab. Think about adding in some personal items and touches such as: 

  • A comfortable mattress – It is a necessity for you to get a comfortable semi-truck mattress for your sleeper cab. In fact, this is one of the top sleeper cab tips that most truckers will tell you first. The best thing to do is to match the one you have at home, so you know you will get a good night’s rest. 
  • Create a man-cave or she-cave – Add in some personal items like an HD television, mini-stereo sound system, video game console and other electronics. During your downtime, you can then play a game, listen to some music or watch a movie. You could even add a portable grill and mini-fridge so you can cook on the road. 
  • Hang Pictures Of Loved Ones – Even though you can’t be at home, that doesn’t mean you can’t make a home environment to feel connected to your loved ones. Hang a few pictures of your loved one in your sleeper cab or use a digital picture frame. 
  • Upgrade Your Truck Seats – You won’t always be sleeping in your bed. You need to ensure you also have a comfortable truck seat too. It’s absolutely fine to splurge and get added benefits like heated/cooled seats, massage vibration, and more. 

Semi Sleeper Ideas


When it comes to thinking about ideas for your semi-sleeper, there is an abundance of ideas online. Check out Pinterest and make use of Google to find a few. Some of the ideas you may want to think about include: 

  1. Choosing the materials you want for your walls and floors. You could choose from vinyl, cloth, leather, or paneling. Flooring styles could be carpets, Hardwood, or diamond-plate aluminum. It’s best if you decide on an overall theme, much like you would in your home. When choosing a color palette, some truckers like to match their interior to the exterior paint on the truck. 
  2. Use walls for storage space. Add in some custom storage units and shelving (see more information below). It will come in handy for hanging your clothes, storing your personal items, food and tools. Make sure you add a lock to all doors for added security. 
  3. Pick the right accommodation setting. Think about what you are going to need in your sleeper cabin. When looking at sleep cab tips you need to think about how many drivers are going to be in the truck. Do you ever work as a two-man team? Then bunk beds may be more convenient for team drivers. Most typical sleepers will be fitted with a twin bed, however, some have the space for a full-sized double. A fold-up bed is perfect for when you want a little more room for sleeping, eating and lounging. 
  4. Add in some kitchen essentials. Add a small refrigerator, toaster oven and/or a microwave to your sleeper so that you are able to prepare some food. Make sure you add in a power inverter to convert the truck battery power to the right voltage for the appliances. Add a foldable table that folds up when the bed is in place, and make sure you have a few kitchen utensils, plus dining utensils. 
  5. Look for compatible-designed DVD players and stereos for semi-trucks. They will be smaller so they will take up less space and need less power. You also want to consider choosing something that will withstand the bumps from travel. 
  6. Some semi-trucks even have space for you to add a bathroom with a shower. 

Semi Truck Sleeper Storage


There is certainly not a lot of space in the cab of a semi-truck, especially when it comes to storage. It makes sense to make use of the space as best as you can, especially when you are in the trucking industry long-term. It’s essential for you not to have clutter everywhere. Having decent storage also makes general functionality in the cab easier. You can’t really be a messy truck driver. Having plenty of storage will help with this. 

The majority of truckers do an incredible job of utilizing the space and enjoy making their cab their own. They will have one week’s worth of clothes, enough for the week or journey, fluids, snacks, business paperwork and the rest is usually used for entertainment. This can be anything that includes things such as game sets, TVs, computers, etc. One of the best sleeper cab tips for utilizing your storage properly would be to make lists and stock on a regular basis. This way you can ensure you aren’t wasting space and are never running short on the necessities. 

Some of the storage you could use includes: 

  • Storage crates
  • Long power cables
  • Foldable storage containers 
  • Gallon water bottles 
  • Overhead storage 
  • Bathroom storage 
  • Under-bed storage 

How to Make a Semi Truck Feel Like Home


A semi-truck sleeper provides truck drivers with a home away from home. They are equipped with a sleeper cab so that there are more productive for long-distance drivers. They are most commonly used for the long-distance haulers. A driver is able to save on costs for things like sleeping accommodation and food by making use of this area. 

A new driver may be tempted not to use the sleeper cab, as it’s not modified how they want. However, putting in a little effort can make your semi-truck feel like home. It’s great if a truck driver can use their sleeping compartment to lounge on breaks, sleep and eat. They will become refreshed and ready to take on longer journeys. Choosing your own materials, pieces of technology, equipment, personal items and decoration will help you to customize your sleeper to your taste. 

If you want to make your cab feel like home, remember these sleeper cab tips: 

  • Make It Comfortable – Add in some elements that will make your truck more comfortable. This may include a high-quality mattress, pillows, blankets and seat covers. 
  • Sleeping Aids – It can be fairly difficult to fall asleep and then stay asleep in your cab. You need to make sure you pack things like sleeping masks, blackout curtains and earplugs. At the end of the day, getting enough sleep keeps you safer on the roads, therefore it’s imperative you prevent any sleep deprivation before hitting the road. 
  • Add Color– If you add some color, you will find that your cabin feels instantly more like home. It can be done with small things like pictures, posters, steering wheel covers, bedding and much more. It’s all about adding a little bit of your personality.
  • Electronics – There is no denying that technology can help the day go faster. Therefore, it’s a good idea to invest in a DVD player and TV so you can watch your favorite films before you settle in for the night. Other pieces of technology that you may want to think about include stereos, oil diffusers and ambient light devices. 
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Semi Truck Decoration Ideas


Truck drivers spend more time in their trucks than anywhere else. This is because they sleep, eat and work in their cabs. This is why so many truck drivers choose to customize and decorate their sleeper cabs. It helps to keep you positive and motivated to live in and use a space that reflects your personality, interests and feels comfortable. If you are worried about the owner-operator and any rules they may have behind decorating your sleeper cab, it is still possible to decorate your truck without making permanent changes. 

Some of the things you can do include: 

  • Place a colorful mat/rug on the floor in front of the bed. Or have a custom fit carpet made for inside your truck?  Carpets are really easy to clean and maintain as they are removable. This makes them extremely practical as you are likely to come across all sorts of weather on your travels. You will find that most semi-truck floors are navy, charcoal, or black. However, you can dress your sleeper cab how you like and instantly make it feel more likes yours. 
  • Make your bed with your favorite bedding. If you want to have a nice, comfortable sleep and also add in a little bit of decoration, think about adding a luxury high-thread-count bedding set. If you stick to lighter and brighter colors it will make your sleeper feel brighter and bigger. If you want to add a little bit of an extra design, adding a pattern to your duvet cover will do the job. 
  • Replace the standard curtains that are in the truck with some that add a bit more color. If you match your bedding, it can make it feel like a proper little piece of home and give it a well-finished look. Bare in mind that you are changing blackout curtains that are there to help you sleep. Ideally, you need to be installing blackout curtains too. If you can’t find a design that you like for your curtains that are blackout, think about adding in a blackout blind behind them. 
  • Cover the front seats with new seat covers. Choose patterns and colors that coordinate with the new decor that you have chosen in the sleeper cab. This way you will get a fluid and well-designed feel to your truck. For example, if you have chosen neutral colors in your sleeper cab, think about adding colors that you know will complement or stick to more neutral. 
  • Install an inverter to push your electronics. This is what you need if you want to add a DVD or TV combination to your sleeper cabin. Adding an inverter will also enable you to use the latest technologies like a music player or laptop. 

Semi Truck Cab Organizer

Truck drivers need to bring many things with them on the road, however, with limited storage, truck drivers need to get creative in order to make the most of the available space. Let’s have a look at some of the organizational methods you could use: 


  1. Driver side box – You can store things like exterior cleaning supplies like rags, a small tool bag, travel exercise equipment and gloves for refueling. A great tip is to use clear plastic boxes, including a notecard of the contents that face the exterior of the truck so that everything is visible, organized and accessible. 
  1. Passenger side box – In here you can keep things like washer fluid, antifreeze, boot covers, step stool, a larger toolbox with 13 key truck driver tools, straps, extension tools and extra rags. If you ever break down, you want to have these tools to hand and so on the passenger side gives you the easiest access.


  1. Driver overhead – This is the ideal place for quick-grab snacks, your day planner, directions, Kleenex, napkins, gum, list of numbers, truck stop books, etc. If you hang carabiners from the overhead it will give you quick access to reading glasses, sunglasses and safety glasses. 
  1. Middle overhead – Here you can keep spare paper logs, tally sheets, paper towels, quick reference guides, extra paperwork, office supplies, any medicines and things like toothpicks. If you hang your paper towel from a cord or bungee connected to the side of your bin, it will keep it out of the way and give you quick access. 

As well as the driver seeing and reaping the benefits of having a customized sleeper cab from following some of these sleep cab tips. In fact, many trucking organizations are seeing the positive impact that it can have by providing them with a strong return of investment when it comes to providing or enabling their employees to create a comfortable living environment when on the road. 

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