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Top Truck Driving Songs You Need on Your Playlist

The top truck driving songs you need on your playlist to get you through a long haul is the most important item to remember before you leave for your trip.


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October 8, 2020
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When it comes to driving a truck, one of the best things to keep you entertained is the sounds of great music, and this is when some of the top truck driving songs come in. It’s relaxing and can help you get through hours of driving when you least feel like it. 

Whether you are driving at night, during the day, or early morning, the top truck driving songs you need on your playlist to get you through a long haul might be the most important item to remember before you leave for your trip. 

We have put together some of our favorite songs to help you get through the day’s shifts of driving.

Survey 5 - Trucking Playlist

Funny Truck Driving Songs


How many times do you hear the same old songs on the radio, which gets a little dull? Why not add some humor and entertainment to your journey and take a listen to our roundup of funny truck driving songs to listen to on the road? We are sure manyof these will make it into your top truck driving songs playlist.

  •   Joey Holiday – Trucking In My Underwear

Just the thought of trucking in your underwear might make you chuckle and that’s what this song achieves. Released in 2015, this country song will brighten up your journey in no time.

  •  Willie Nelson – On the Road Again

On the Road again was released in August 1980 and has a real feel-good factor to it. It has also featured in a couple of films and TVseries, making itself known worldwide.

  •  Weird Al Yankovic – Driving A Truck with My High Heels On

Weird Al Yankovic is an American songwriter known for some hilarious parodies, such as Gangster’s Paradise. Driving A Truck with My Heels on will put a smile on your face and have you singing along in no time!

  •  Joey Holiday – She’s a Trucking Masterpiece

Another song from Joey Holiday, but it’s hard not to include him in the list of funny truck driving songs. This song features in his 18 Songs for Truckers Only, Vol. 5 Album.

  •  L'il Brother Trucker Hammer Down - I'm Tellin'

Released in 1988, L’il Brother has released plenty of songs which are funny and great to listen to when passing the time on the road. 

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Old School Truck Driving Songs


There’s something about an old school track that means even if you don’t want to, you will be singing along in no time. Packed with feel-good rhythms and a whole load of nostalgia, these classics will make your journey feel that much quicker.

  • Kathy Mattea - Eighteen Wheels And A Dozen Roses

This song was released on March 12, 1988, reaching the first position on Billboard’s US Top country songs. A great classic that will have you belting along as you speed down the highway.

  • Dave Dudley - Six Days on the Road

Some truckers will declare this as the greatest trucking song ever and some will say it’s their guilty pleasure. With a great rhythm, it’s a must to add to your playlist.

  • Dan Seals - Big Wheels In The Moonlight

Ranking No. 1 in 1989, Big Wheels in the Moonlight was written by Dan Seals and Bob McDill for the album Rage On. It’s a catchy tune that you’ll find yourself humming to yourself long after the 18 wheels  is done.

  • Merle Haggard – Today I Started Loving You Again

A great voice, it will be hard for anyone to fill Merle Haggard's shoes in country music! Merle Haggard’s album: Today I Started Loving You Again has been listened by millions and is guaranteed to impress when added to your truck driving songs list.

  • Alabama - Roll-On 18 Wheeler

Roll-On 18 Wheeler was released in January 1984 by Alabama and written by Dave Loggins. It skyrocketed several times to the top of the billboard charts. Take a listen, and you’ll soon see why!

Top Truck Driving Songs Of All Time

While the funny and classic truck driving songs are sure to be a hit, the following suggestions are not only catchy but the top truck driving songs of all time (in our opinion!) The best can be subjective so if we’ve missed any of your favorites, let us know.

  • Jerry Reed - East Bound and Down

East Bound and Down is a great song, which is also the name of the album. East Bound and Down was released in 1977 and made No. 2 in the billboard charts. It was written and produced by Jerry Reed himself.

  • CW McCall – Convoy

CW McCall is well known within the trucking industry due to his many successful albums that he released throughout his career. Convoy was one of his more successful songs, reaching number 1 in several charts.

  • Eddie Rabbit - Driving My Life Away

Streamed by many millions, Driving My Life Away was a very successful song sung by Eddie Rabbit and co-written by Even Stevens, David Malloy, and Rabbitt. The song is one of those songs that will instantly put you in a good mood while driving.

  • Ronnie Milsap - Prisoner of the Highway

Prisoner of the Highway was recorded by Ronnie Milsap and released in the album One More Try for Love. This song unfortunately never made it to number 1; however it did rank strongly within the billboard charts at number 6.

  • Red Sovine – Teddy Bear

Teddy Bear was released in 1976, alongside his album, which was called the same. Within five weeks, Teddy Bear managed to reach number 1 in the US charts and a couple of number 1 positions in the Canadian charts.

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