Tractor Trailer Breakdown Service Tips for Drivers

A tractor trailer breakdown can cause serious delays and hold-ups when it breaks down. You need an expert tractor trailer breakdown service to deal with issues.


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October 9, 2020
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If you drive or have ever driven a tractor trailer, you will know that this is a heavy duty vehicle that takes a lot to drive. If you have ever needed a tractor trailer breakdown service you also know that this is a very specialized type of breakdown service which needs expert knowledge and equipment to sort out. 

A tractor trailer breakdown can cause serious delays and hold-ups when it breaks down. What’s more, it can take a long time to fix roadside issues. A tractor trailer breakdown can cause serious delays and hold-ups when it breaks down. You need an expert tractor trailer breakdown service to deal with issues.

In this article, you will find the best tips in the trucking industry for tractor trailer breakdown services, including repair tips, how to get the best 24 hour roadside assistance, and more. If you want to find out the regulations and government guidance a NTSS Breakdown.

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Semi Truck Repair Tips


Any seasoned trucker will have some basic knowledge of semi truck repair tips, plus a toolkit stored in the cab for emergencies. If your tractor trailer breaks down and you are able to park it safely out of the way of oncoming traffic, you could take a look at the engine yourself before calling for emergency road side assistance. If there is anything unclear about the cause of breakdown or you think the repair is potentially dangerous without better equipment, always call for your tractor trailer breakdown service rather than tackling the issue yourself.

Here are some tips for tools, parts and smarts to bring with you on the road!

  • Spare bulbs for the headlights. This is essential. It would be a total waste of time to have to call road service for a busted headlight, so always make sure you have spare bulbs which are the right wattage on the road with you.
  • If you don’t own your vehicle and report to a manager, make sure you always report any breakdown or damage, however minor, to them.
  • If you do own your vehicle, it is essential to invest in breakdown cover, even if you think you could make it to your destination by flying by the seat of your pants. If your engine is faulty or showing warning lights, this means there is something wrong. To carry on would be to put yourself and others in danger.
  • If your semi truck has been showing signs of faultiness in any area, it is better to schedule a repair outside of your driving hours, to make sure everything’s alright.

NTTS Breakdown


What is NTTS? NTTS stands for National Truck and Trailer Services and is a directory full of companies and individual traders who offer breakdown services all around the US. The NTTS operates both online and in the form of a handy book that can be taken on the road with you, so you can access 24 hours breakdown services anywhere in North America. 

On the NTSS Breakdown website, you can enter your criteria – the state and city you are in, the type of repair you need and the dealers, if any, you prefer. You can then locate an awesome selection of qualified repair services who can offer tractor trailer breakdown service anywhere in North America. They will get you smoothly back on the road again. If you are a trucker, you need to get familiar with NTTS Breakdown!

Commercial Truck Roadside Assistance


If you drive a commercial tractor trailer, your route to roadside assistance will be a little different if you are truck owner operators. This is because you will likely have to go through a chain of command when the truck you are driving breaks down. For example, if you were a truck owner, you could simply choose the tractor trailer breakdown services which suit you best – but as a commercial truck driver, the company you work for will likely have a designated breakdown cover provider.

In this case, it is important to note down every detail, including:

  1. Exactly what happened when you pulled over?
  2. Why did you have to pull over? 
  3. If you receive special training with the company you work for, you can then complete a check of the engine and exterior of the commercial vehicle – What do you notice?
  4. Why did you take the decision to call for roadside assistance?

Your company will likely lose money for late delivery of goods when the truck you drive breaks down. This isn’t your fault but it is essential to document every step so you can’t be blamed or reprimanded for the decision to call for help.

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Truck Repair Directory


As previously mentioned, it is a good idea to carry an up to date truck repair directory, or use your smartphone to find out local tractor trailer breakdown service providers near to you. You can order a physical truck repair directory from the NTTS website online!

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