Truck Driver Interview Questions You Need to Ask a Recruiter

Job interviews are necessary, but they can feel nerve-wracking. Preparation is key, so make sure that you feel well practiced for truck driver interview questions.


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September 9, 2020
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If you’re looking for a new opportunity with a commercial truck driving company,, then you might be wondering how to do a great interview and secure the work you want. Truck drivers are in demand, so there’s lots of roles available –  you just need to get through the interview process first. 

Job interviews are necessary, but they can feel nerve-wracking. Preparation is key, so make sure that you have all the available information at your fingertips and that you feel well practiced for truck driver interview questions. This guide will help you understand what to expect and how to prepare for a truck driver interview. Then you’ll be on course to grab the keys and take your trucking career to the next level.

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Driver Recruiter Interview Questions


Truck drivers have a very responsible role to play, so it’s little wonder that the truck driver interview process is usually quite thorough. Being out on the road, you are responsible for the timely and safe delivery of critical loads, so there will be a few questions for truck drivers to answer, as well as checks of your driving record and HGV licence. 

Haulage and logistics companies are looking for experienced drivers, who can operate well under pressure and deal with the mental and physical strain of maneuvering a huge truck through traffic to bring cargo in on time. 

Other areas that trucking companies may be looking for include a working knowledge of maintaining large vehicles and diagnosing any faults, someone who can think on their feet and cope with stress well and a good sense of direction as well as the common sense not to rely solely on navigation and GPS equipment! During a job interview, you may also be asked about your attitudes to safety and they may want to know how committed you are to meeting deadlines. Before the interview, think about the information you want to know from the recruiter about the vacancy. This can include topics like:

  • What is your working time policy? Some time off policies are better than others, so make sure that when the company talks about a day off, they do mean one full day that doesn’t include travel.
  • What are your major routes? Understanding the distances that are generally required to be covered is absolutely key before you accept a new role. You will want to make sure that you live fairly near to a major terminal, otherwise there can be a lot of traveling to do before you even officially clock on
  • What is the payscale? Truck driver jobs vary in scales of pay and expectations, so it’s good to be clear on this before accepting the job. Evaluate the rate of pay against the miles that you are usually expected to cover.
  • What employee benefits are offered? Things like private healthcare provision, amount of paid holiday time off and other benefits are important to consider as part of the mix when you’re looking for a new truck driving job

Remember, you are interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing you. The vacancy has to be the right fit on both sides.

Learn how much being a truck driver pays, so you know what salary you deserve to be offered when you go in for an interview.

Truck Driver Questions


When you go into the interview for a truck driving position, you can expect to be asked a mix of behavioral, situational and role-specific questions about your experience, skills and personality. 

Prepare for this process by running through your answers to some of the questions ahead of time. 

Examples of some typical truck driver interview questions you are likely to get asked are:

  • What would you do if you became involved in a no-fault accident on duty?
  • Tell me about some basic maintenance jobs you have done on your truck on the road?
  • If you’re running late because of traffic conditions on the roads, what could you do to ensure you gave good customer service without being unsafe?
  • How have you dealt with unhappy customers in the past?
  • What previous experience do you have of long and short haul routes?
  • Have you ever transported cargo with particular requirements (i.e. livestock, refrigerated units, etc.)
  • How do you stay alert during long distance runs?
  • What procedures do you have in place to manage your paperwork and keep logs up to date?
  • Have you ever experienced problems with the information given to you by the dispatcher, and how did you resolve those?
  • How do you ensure good customer service at all times?

You are likely to be asked at least some of these types of questions and you should come prepared to answer them. Think about your previous experience and pull out a few examples that can illustrate your answers. This will help you to deal with whatever questions they may have for you. Interviews are one test of staying calm under pressure, which is such an important quality for a truck driver.

Before going to your interview, be sure you know what skills are needed to be a truck driver at the company you sent an application.

What to Wear to a Truck Driving Interview


When attending a truck driving interview, you want to look appropriate and professional. It’s about giving confidence that you are the right person to come in and do a good job. At the same time, in the truck industry, it’s not a suit and tie affair. So what exactly should you wear for a truck driving interview? Your clothes speak volumes. And while a recruiter will be assessing you based more on your clean driving record, your work ethic, your years of experience, and what specific driving experience you have, there’s no doubt that they will also be making an assessment based on your appearance as to whether you’re the right candidate for the job requirements. If you utilize money saving tips for truck drivers, you should have some money to splurge on a nice interview outfit.

If there are lots of drivers going forward for a role, and all have the right driving experience and temperament for the role, then appearance can be one of those things that makes the decision. Keep it simple but a bit more formal than you might wear for everyday work. Try something like:

  • A buttoned shirt, tucked in
  • Plain tailored trousers
  • Clean and polished shoes

Remember that body language and grooming are also important – you want to look clean, with neat hair and fingernails, as this gives an overall impression that you have things together. Maintain good eye contact, shake hands (or elbow bump during pandemic times) and aim for an air of calm confidence. Remember there will also be a background check and drug test and you will need a valid commercial driver’s license. 

Before you submit an application, make sure you meet all the truck driver physical requirements.

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Fill Out a Truck Driving Application

Working with a recruiter is a great way to apply for and get the right vacancy for you. View hundreds of truck driver vacancies and apply for truck driving jobs here.

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