12 Truck Driver Life Hacks That Will Change Your Career

Trucking can be a stressful experience for many drivers. With the help of our truck driver life hacks, we guarantee that your time on the road will improve.


Jacob Lee
February 22, 2023
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Truck driver life hacks are what every driver needs to make their experience on the road a little easier. Regardless of what type of freight is being hauled, truck drivers will be able to benefit when they use these simple steps.

Some useful truck driver life hacks include:

  • Cooling a hot steering wheel with water
  • Having spare toilet paper rolls
  • Keeping an organized dashboard
  • Meal prepping

Truck drivers face many inconveniences that can cause stress and take up valuable time. With these practices, drivers will have a better experience while on the road.

These and others on our list of truck driver life hacks will help you in ways that you never imagined.  

1. Cool Your Steering Wheel With Water

Whether a semi truck has a black interior or a lighter one, the steering wheel will absorb heat when the sun has been beating on it for too long. To solve this problem, truckers can use water to cool the wheel down before driving.

The water doesn’t have to be freezing and a whole water bottle doesn’t have to be dumped on the wheel. Instead, truckers should pour a small amount of water onto a cloth to dampen it. Afterward, they should use the damp cloth to rub the wheel down. 

Check out our article discussing 10 summer driving safety tips for truck drivers if you want to stay cool when the weather gets hot. 

2. Maintain Good Posture

Truck drivers can spend hours behind the wheel. Sitting in one position all this time can wreak havoc on a trucker’s back, especially if they don’t maintain good posture. There are a few steps that truckers can take to ensure that they keep their spine straight during their journey.

These steps are:

  • Adjust the seat height correctly
  • Ensuring the seat isn’t too close or too far from the steering wheel
  • Keeping back against the backrest
  • Making sure both thighs are on the seat 
  • Keeping rear end at the back of the seat
  • Keeping torso upright

While truckers can forget some of these practices during their journey, they can easily correct themselves when they notice their posture is worsening.

3. Make Yourself More Comfortable 

Drivers need to start their day with good posture and a well-adjusted seat. Truckers can add more cushioning to their seat when exhaustion and discomfort starts to set in. To do this, truckers can choose from many kinds of cushions to support their back and neck while helping maintain good posture.

Even with good posture, sitting for hours on end in one spot can be exhausting. Therefore, truckers should make themselves as comfortable as they can. Remaining comfortable is important, but starting the journey too comfortable will make it harder for a trucker to alleviate any pain or stiffness they experience further into their journey. 

Rolls of toilet paper

4. Keep Spare Toilet Paper 

Having a spare roll of toilet paper is another great life hack for truck drivers. There are many public restrooms to be found when you’re out on the road. That said, there’s a chance they might not be stocked with toilet paper. 

Another downside to public restrooms is that they’re not the most sanitary. Public toilet seats that don’t look dirty could still have plenty of germs. Toilet paper can be used as a protective layer between your rear and the germs on the seat. 

5. Drive Between 55 and 60 MPH

Saving fuel is very important in the trucking industry. Stopping to put gas into a semi can eat up time and can cost money for owner operators. One way truckers try to conserve fuel is by driving between 55 and 60 MPH. 

For most semi trucks, 55 to 60 MPH is a fuel efficient speed. That said, maintaining this speed can be difficult when there’s rush hour traffic slowing them down. Likewise, some truckers might be hindered by time constraints and will be forced to drive above 60 MPH. 

While driving 55 to 60 MPH might not always be possible, truck drivers should strive for this speed when they’re able. Check our 9 simple fuel saving tips for truckers if you want to learn about some other ways you can save on gas. 

6. Use Toothpaste

Toothpaste is an item that truck drivers should already have when they’re out on the road. That said, toothpaste doesn’t have to be used strictly for dental hygiene. There are other items on board a semi that can benefit from the cleansing effects of this product as well.

Some items that can be cleaned using toothpaste include:

  • Semi headlights
  • Chrome finishes
  • Smelly containers
  • Scuffed leather on seats or clothing

Truckers also use toothpaste to remove any odd odor they might get on their hands that soap can’t wash away. 

7. Keep A Spare Key

Truck drivers have many responsibilities when they’re on the job. With so much to worry about, truckers sometimes make simple mistakes, like losing their keys or locking themselves out of their truck. Waiting for a locksmith is always an option, but this can take time away from a truck driver’s busy schedule.

Having a spare key on hand at all times is a great way to avoid scenarios like these. Truckers can keep a spare key in their wallet or somewhere hidden outside their truck. Wherever the spare key is kept, it’s important that the truck driver return it to the same spot after using it. 

A bottle of water on a dashboard

8. Keep Your Dashboard Organized

Having an organized dashboard is another truck driver life hack that can make driving a little less stressful. A messy dashboard can cause truckers to become distracted while they’re driving. While truckers should be hands free when they’re driving, it’s important they make sure that only essentials are nearby. 

Some important items that truckers keep close include:

  • GPS
  • Cell phone
  • Water bottle
  • Wallet

A GPS can be mounted to the center of the windshield, allowing truck drivers to easily view it and alter their course. Rather than keeping their cell phone in a cup holder or on top of the dashboard, truckers use phone holders. This keeps the cell phone from sliding off the dash and it makes answering important phone calls more convenient. 

9. Keep A Boot Brush On the Footstep

The cab of a semi is a truck driver’s home for weeks and even months on end. That’s why keeping the inside of a semi clean is extremely important. One of the ways that truckers do this is by attaching a boot brush to the footstep of their semi. 

Truckers can step in different types of debris at each stop they make. Boot brushes allow them to clean their footwear and reduce the amount of dirt they bring into their truck. 

10. Use Adhesive Hooks

A trucker can end up with a large amount of clutter if they don’t keep their truck organized. Adhesive hooks are one of the ways they can maintain more organization within the cab of their truck. There are all kinds of items that adhesive hooks can be used to hold. 

Some of them include:

  • Clothing
  • Keys
  • Lanyards 
  • Curtains

These hooks make storing items within the cab of a semi truck more efficient. 

Vegetable and plastic tupperware

11. Meal and Snack Prep

There are many quick, but unhealthy, food options on the road. Stopping for a meal while on the go can also take up valuable time from a trucker’s schedule. Thanks to meal prepping, truckers have the opportunity to pick healthy meals that they can eat each day of their journey.

Truckers shouldn’t just prepare main  meals they want to eat during their travels. It’s always a good idea for them to stock up on emergency snacks, too. These will help alleviate hunger in between meals.  

Check out our article on make ahead meals for truckers and the best healthy snacks for truck drivers

12. Stationary Exercises

Getting exercise as a truck driver is extremely important. With so much physical inactivity, it’s easy for drivers to get out of shape. Lack of movement also causes the joints to become stiff.

Stationary exercises are a convenient way for truck drivers to get some much needed movement. Because these exercises don’t require too much space, many of them can be performed within the cab of a semi.

Check out our article on the best exercises for truck drivers.

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