Truck Driver Training Tips for Experienced Truckers

Truck driver training tips for experienced drivers include refresher courses on safety, pre-trip inspections and weight limit refreshers.


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October 9, 2020
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Truck driver training tips for experienced drivers are just as important as tips for new drivers. CDL Class A Schools are great for training programs you to get your Commercial Driver’s License, but this doesn’t mean you know all there is to know about hitting the road. To be as prepared as possible, you need experience and know-how. You also could have been on the road for years but still be after ways to improve your driving. Here are some top truck driver training tips for experience truckers.

Truck driver training tips for experienced drivers include refresher courses on safety, pre-trip inspections and weight limit refreshers. Always remember to treat training tips as ways to keep your truck driving skills fresh in your mind at all times.

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Truck Driver Safety Tips


When driving a truck, it is essential to stay safe the entire time you are on the road. When you can find your attention waning on a long journey, it is crucial to avoid this to prevent any accidents and injuries from happening. These following truck driver training tips can help with this:

  • Always wear your seatbelt – Not only is a seatbelt required by law, but it is also the best way to reduce injury in the case of an accident. 
  • Don’t use your cell phone behind the wheel – Again, this is illegal and with good cause. If you talk, message, or look at your screen while driving, your eyes are no longer on the road and you are distracted. This can lead to a serious accident, particularly as you are in such a large vehicle.
  • Get enough sleep before your drive – It is important to have plenty of rest and pull over somewhere for a nap if you find you are getting tired. It’s a good idea to eat a light and healthy snack to keep your energy levels going and make sure only to drive again when you know you can properly focus.
  • Maintain your stopping distance – When driving, be mindful of how far the vehicle in front of you is and keep enough distance between you should they unexpectedly stop. Remember that this distance will need to be bigger in bad weather conditions as the roads may be slippery.
  • Be aware of the speed limits – Speed limits can quickly change depending on where you are driving. If you find yourself distracted and missing speed signs, you may be going too fast and could cause an accident. Keep an eye out for the speed information and always stick to it.
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Tips for Driving a Truck


While the rules of the road remain the same, driving a truck is very different from a car. Keep this in mind and remember the following training tips for experienced truckers before you get going.

  • Scope out the area if you are unsure 

Trucks are large vehicles, which means they might not always be able to get into the spaces that smaller vehicles might. If you are in a new area and unsure of where you are delivering to or if you will be able to fit around a tight corner or road, scope it on foot. Park your truck somewhere safe and check out any hazards that could mean you would get stuck or hit something.  At that height, you can take in a lot more than when you are behind the wheel. You will be able to see everything from low fire hydrants to ditches that you might not have seen otherwise.

  • Practice backing up 

Often, you will need to back into a space when driving a truck – such as for a loading bay. When you are doing this, be sure to take your time to avoid any casualties that could cause damage or affect your driving record. General consensus is that you will need to be about 50% of the length of your truck away from any barriers you need to navigate through. Make your turn into the space as soon as you reach the point you want your tires to sit when you are parked. Also ensure there is space to open both of the cab doors. If you have barriers on either side of you, it can make this a little tricky. It’s worth practicing in an empty parking lot a couple of times to get your confidence up. Once you have mastered the knack, you will be sure to master it time after time.

  • Be mindful of weight 

Be mindful of your truck weight before heading on a long journey. One of the most important truck driver training tips, this will save you lots of time, energy and potential fines. On your trip, you will go through weigh stations that check your vehicle isn’t over the allowed weight limit. Keep in mind this limit includes your fuel as well as your truck and the cargo it is delivering. If you are concerned, be sure to only fill up with half a tank of gas. You may need to make more stops but it will put your mind at ease and avoid it being too heavy.

  • Plan ahead 

It is vital that you plan your journey ahead of time to ensure you reach your destination on time. Being on time is imperative for retaining clients and stopping you from missing out on money. Many factors could impede your journey, from poor weather conditions to road work, fuel stops and weigh stations. Mark these out on your journey plan and work out how much additional time you will need to add to what the journey is expected to take. Remember, due to the vehicle’s weight and size, it can take you longer than regular vehicles. You will also need to keep an eye on the weather as if it is raining, snowing, or has low visibility. You will have to drive much slower so it is safe.

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There are so many perks to being a professional truck driver. From the choice of hours to spending your days out on the open road. With these Truck Driver Training Tips, which include tractor trailer breakdown service, you will be as prepared as possible and enjoy each day you spend as a trucker. 

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