What Accessories for Truck Drivers Do I Need on the Road?

A variety of useful items will keep you comfortable behind the wheel. Get the scoop on the best accessories for truck drivers.


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May 28, 2021
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It is a fact. The right gear, gizmo, or gadget can make life on the road more comfortable and even much easier. There are many must-have accessories for truck drivers, ranging from practical hand tools to creature comforts.

What accessories for truck drivers do I need on the road? The list of gear can be expansive. Trucker accessories might range from cleaning supplies to keep a tidy cab to a high-visibility jacket to stay safe on the road. Other basic accessories for truck drivers include:

  • Gloves
  • Dash-mounted cell phone or tablet holder
  • First aid kit
  • Electric blanket
  • Portable cooking appliances
  • Mini-fridge
  • Seat cushions
  • Hand tools
  • Cool gadgets and trucker tech
  • Gear and attire
  • And much more

Let’s break down some of the essentials you’ll need for life on the road, as well as some creature comforts, that will make truck driving comfortable and enjoyable.

What Should Every Truck Driver Have?


Let’s get back to basics. Some of the most important truck accessories are simply essentials that will come in handy over the long haul. Here are a few things every truck driver should have on hand.

Sturdy work gloves

Work gloves can be a trucker’s best friend. The right work gloves can make or break your time on the road. Anyone who’s ever been stuck making a repair on the side of the highway or had to unload at a terminal knows that gloves play a crucial role in comfort. 

Sturdy work gloves come in both leather and synthetic styles. Utility and multipurpose work gloves work well for truckers, as these gloves are designed for many applications. Truck drivers might look for a pair of gloves that are impact-resistant, allow for dexterity, and provide abrasion resistance. 

We talked to truckers and combed the forums to find the best trucker gloves on the market today. Get recommendations and keep your hands protected with these proven options.

File folder for paperwork

Keep your cab tidy and organized is essential. One way you can stay on top of everything is by taking advantage truck driver paperwork organizer tips to keep your paperwork secure. A file folder, like an accordion file or similar, is something every truck driver needs.

The right file folder system will help you keep essential documents like Bills of Lading, your logbooks, reports and receipts, pre-trip inspection logs,accident report forms, and other important information at your fingertips so it’s ready when you need it.

Printed road atlas

Life behind the wheel takes you all over the open road — sometimes even to remote areas out of a cell tower’s reach. When you’re location extends beyond service, your GPS might not be as reliable as you’d like. This is where a printed road atlas can come in handy.

Rand McNally publishes a printed road atlas for truckers every year. The company boasts that their guide contains the most up-to-date information about highways and trucking information. Routes along designated highways by the Surface Transportation Assistance Act (STAA) are clearly marked. You’ll always find your way with the right atlas on board.

Handheld vacuum

No matter whether you’re an over-the-road driver or home every night with a local trucking job, you’ll likely find the occasional crumbs or spill in your truck. A small handheld vacuum can help you keep things nice and clean.

You might choose to keep your semi-truck cab clean with a battery-powered or rechargeable handheld vacuum model. A crevice tool can also come in handy for getting the nooks and crannies. You might even opt for a wet-dry vacuum in case of drink spills or even leaks.

LED flashlight

Flashlights come in handy in many situations. Imagine being broken down by the side of the road. You’ll likely want the best and brightest light available to keep you illuminated and safe. 

LED flashlights are bright, energy-efficient, long-lasting, compact, lightweight, and even impact resistant. They can be easy to store and make life on the road a lot easier. Truck drivers will likely want one or more LED flashlights on board as cab accessories.

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What Tools Do Truck Drivers Need?


There are a few tools of the trade you’ll need for a professional trucking career. Even though your skills are behind the wheel, a little mechanical know-how and the proper hand tools for the job will go a long way in keeping you moving right along. 

First off, you’ll need a toolbox. The right toolbox is small and can easily fit in the cab of your truck. Some truckers find that fishing tackle boxes are a solid option and can help keep things organized with many compartments.

Trucker Tools You Need Now

Six tools you’ll want to have in your trucker tool kit include:

  1. Wrenches: Crescent wrenches, combination wrenches, and even dogbone wrenches can come in handy when you’re living life behind the wheel.  You’ll likely want a couple of different sizes of each tool.
  2. Vice grips: This might be the most versatile tool in your kit. Remove stripped bolts and more with a pair of vice grips. They’ll also come in handy when releasing the arm for trailer tandems.
  3. Electrical tape and wire cutters: Wires wear out and sometimes you’ll need to cut and splice to keep things safe before you can make it into the shop. Having electrical tape and wirecutters on hand can be a lifesaver.
  4. Sledgehammer: Believer it or not, but a sledgehammer is another highly versatile tool for a trucker. Check tire pressure by taking a swing and much more with a sledgehammer. 
  5. Metal dowel rod: A steel or metal dowel rod can come in handy in cold weather. It can be used to break up the ice on frozen breaks. 
  6. Screwdriver set: Road vibrations and wear can make screws loose. Sometimes you’ll need to tighten up and a screwdriver set is essential to getting the job done.

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Useful Items for Truck Drivers

There are a plethora of other useful items for truck drivers that can come in handy when you’re on the road. A few useful items you’ll want on every trip include:

  • Shower flip-flops: Life over the open road often means bathing at truck stops. Even though truck stop showers are professionally cleaned on the regular, don’t make a habit of standing barefoot. A pair of rubber flip-flops to wear in the shower can save you from a fungal infection — or worse.
  • Cleaning supplies: In addition to the handheld vacuum mentioned above, many truck drivers keep a stash of cleaning supplies on hand. Supplies you can use to keep things spic and span can include a small broom and dustpan, trash bags, disinfecting wipes, laundry pods, and a laundry bag.
  • Earplugs: It’s a fact. Trucks are loud. Truckers are loud. The road is loud. It can be hard to get shut-eye when you’re on the road. Earplugs will help you sleep soundly, especially if you’re snoozing at truck stops or even while your partner drives.
  • First aid kit: Accidents happen. Even worse, medical emergencies happen. DOT and OSHA requirements happen, too. A fully-stocked first aid kit can help you stay safe and up to regulation on the road. A DOT-approved first aid kit should contain essential medical supplies like bandages (including those for fingertips and knuckles), gauze pads and rolls, antiseptic towelettes, nitrile gloves, moleskin pads, insect relief, antibiotic ointment, and more. You’ll also likely want sunscreen, lip balm, pain-reliever, and other supplies on hand, too.

Having these useful items on hand will help ensure you’re armed with the right supplies in almost any situation.

Cool Gadgets for Truck Drivers


No list of accessories for truck drivers would be complete without sharing some cool gadgets. Of course, truck drivers will always have their trusty ELDs handy, but other gizmos can make time on the road more enjoyable and even more productive.

Trucker-friendly tech includes a handful of devices that will come in handy. Take a look at some of the cool gadgets for truck drivers on the market today.


A dashboard camera, also known as a dashcam, can be a lifesaver on the road. No matter whether you’re an owner operator or a working behind-the-wheel for a fleet, a good dashcam will document your time behind the wheel and provide an indisputable record in case of an accident. 

The best dashcams provide clear and sharp video and have long-lasting capacitors or lithium batteries. You’ll find that the best dashcams work in all weather and temperatures, even as the sun beats down in your dashboard.

Bluetooth headset

Life as a truck driver means most things happen behind the wheel. You’ll take calls on the road and much more. Many states have hands-free laws that make it illegal to hold a cellphone as you drive — and this applies to truckers, too.

A good Bluetooth headset will let you make and take calls while keeping your hands on the wheels. Look for a model that provides both great audio and great battery life. You’ll even find many models on the market specially designed just for drivers.

Fitness tracker

Staying in shape on the road is hard. Driving is a sedentary job and many truckers have trouble meeting the minimum activity required for good health. This is why fitness trackers are on the list of cool gadgets for truck drivers.

A fitness tracker can help you make sure you’re getting enough steps per day, sleeping well, and even connect with others for health challenges. Many fitness trackers on the market, like the AppleWatch or FitBit, let you set your own goals and provide gentle reminders to help you meet them.   

WiFi hotspot

Staying connected is a must. WiFi hotspot is a cool gadget for truckers because it will provide internet access from almost anywhere. Even though most truckstops offer free WiFi, it is not always secure. Additionally, sometimes you’ll need to stay online even on the highway.

You might choose a WiFi hotspot through your cellphone service provider or a pay-as-you-go company. You’ll likely even find the extra connectivity can help cut back on cellphone data expenses and more. You can find a hotspot to work with your cellphone, dashcam, laptop and other gizmos you have on the road.

These aren’t the only devices truckers rely on to get the job done. Other cool gadgets and electronic accessories for truck drivers include things like e-readers, item trackers (like those made by Tile or Apple’s AirTags), WiFi boosters, and wireless charging pads.

Access to cool gear is one of many great things you’ll find in a career on the road. Check out our article on truck driver benefits.

Truck Driver Gear and Attire


Some folks live by the motto “look good feel good.” Others feel like comfort is king. Combing through driver forums like Trucker Truth proves that you’ll find all kinds of outfits on the road, from professional dress to pajamas.

Drivers for a company that provides a uniform don’t have much choice in what they wear. Owner-operators and others have more options. Let’s look at some truck driver gear and attire to help you stay stylish and comfortable on the road.

  • Tops and shirts: Consider looking for moisture-wicking and breathable short and long sleeve shirts to wear on the road. Not only are these fabrics cool and comfortable, but they can also look put together, especially when you opt for solid colors or subtle patterns. You might choose t-shirt styles or collared styles, depending on your company’s dress code.
  • Jackets: No matter what climate you’re driving through, drivers will likely want to have a few jackets in their wardrobes. A light jacket or hoodie can add a layer of comfort or warmth on mild days; a winter jacket can protect you from the elements on cold or snowy days; and a rain jacket will make stops in wet weather more tolerable.
  • Pants and shorts: Jeans, especially when in a solid wash without rips or stains, can look professional and be practical for life on the road. Sweatpants and lounge pants can also come in handy and be comfortable when just hanging out in your truck or trying to get some rest.
  • Shoes: Workboots are a trucker’s best friend. Durable boots will keep your feet supported during inspections, loading and unloading, and even while driving. It is also a good idea to keep a pair of shower flipflops and a comfortable pair of sneakers or athletic shoes to wear during downtime.

Other attire and gear truckers need on the road include reflective vests, pajamas, work gloves, and sunglasses. The right truck driver gear and attire will help you stay comfortable and confident as you get the job done.

Where to Buy Accessories for Truck Drivers


You’ll find accessories for truck drivers all over the place and in a variety of markets. Let’s look at some of the places where to buy accessories for truck drivers.

Truck stops are a great place for trucker accessories and gear, as you’ll find everything from in-cab goodies to electronics for sale.

Amazon is a behemoth of an online retail destination and is another great place to look for accessories for truck drivers. A search in the Amazon app for “truck driver accessories” yielded more than 3,000 results, ranging from creature comforts like pressure-relieving seat cushions to stainless steel mugs to seat organizers. No matter when kind of accessories you’re in the market for, you might find them on Amazon.

Looking for chrome and other aftermarket gear for your truck? Consider Raneys. This family-owned business provides all kinds of truck accessories, from LED lighting to seat covers to chrome hood ornaments. Show off your personality and sense of style by decking out your truck.

Other sources for accessories for truck drivers can vary by the items you’re seeking. Consider checking out Best Buy for electronics and gadgets; professional outfitters for great workboots; hardware stores for versatility, multi-purpose work gloves; and more. Sharper Image is another great source for trucker accessories and will let you find all kinds of trucker-friendly gear like heated blankets, UV-sanitizing wands, travel air purifiers, and more.

All in all, you can find great accessories for truck drivers at all kinds of brick-and-mortar and online retailers. 

Make the Most of Your Time on the Road with ABCO

The right gear and accessories for truck drivers can make or break your time on the road. Another important factor in enjoying life behind the wheel? Driving for the right company. ABCO Transportation is seeking drivers for over-the-road, regional, and even local routes.

Why is Driving for ABCO Great?

Let us count the ways:

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In fact, ABCO Transport will even let you drive with your dog. Check out our article about the best trucker dogs and why a passenger pooch can be a great benefit to your time on the road.

Does ABCO Transportation sound like your next employer? Reach out to us today or even apply online now and get ready to drive for the best in the business.

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