What Are The Best Boots For Truck Drivers?

Driving all day, loading, managing yards, and trucker life in general take a great pair of boots.


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August 23, 2021
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If you’re a truck driver, you probably know by now how essential it is to have the right footwear when on the road. The best boots for truck drivers will keep your feet happy all day long. The last thing you want is constantly dealing with aches and pain in your feet after several hours on the road. 

Every trucker needs durable boots for foot protection, especially during pre-trip inspections, poor weather, and freight unloading. Aside from comfort, the best boots for truck drivers should also have features like being oil-resistant, made of quality material, and strong underneath.

Finding the right pair of boots for the job can be pretty daunting, especially if you’re doing so for the first time. So, if you’re a truck driver in need of a new pair of quality boots but don’t know what to look for, this article has got you covered. 

Why Are Work Boots The Best Shoes For Truck Drivers?


Every truck needs to be as comfortable and offer your feet all the protection it needs. As mentioned earlier, truck drivers spend countless hours on the road in the same driving position (an average of 8 to 10 hours a day), which can put quite a strain on your feet if you have comfortable boots. 

Aside from comfort, the best boots for truck drivers will also protect your feet in various ways. For example, when you need to perform your routine pre-trip inspections on your truck, you will need a good pair of boots to protect your feet. Additionally, yards are always full of puddles, and you don’t want to be treading in such places with the wrong shoes. 

Furthermore, truck drivers travel almost the breadth and length of the country, exposing themselves to varying weather conditions. If you find yourself in a cool climate during your trip, you can rely on your boots to help your feet warm while you drive. 

Contrary to what most people think, truck drivers need to move about a lot, especially when picking up or dropping off boxes, unloading freight, lifting heavy parts, climbing up and down the cab, etc. A truck driver also has to keep their feet pretty much pressed on the brakes and gas for long hours, making it essential to have a structured driving boot that makes this easy. 

Finally, having a pair of protective boots is essential to keeping you from anything that can fall and injure your feet.

Another essential thing for truck drivers: a great pair of gloves. Find the best trucker gloves and keep your hands protected with our inclusive list.

Do Truck Drivers Have To Wear Steel-Toe Boots?


Every driving position will require a different level of safety, so only some driving jobs will demand steel-toe boots. For example, if you are a long-haul truck driver, you may be required to help with loading and unloading the truck

That means you’re probably better off opting for a pair of steel-toe boots, as they will give your toes ample protection should anything fall on them accidentally. Such accidents can cause injuries that might make it impossible for you to drive, diminish your production rate, and also take quite a toll on your pockets. The most important thing is to protect your feet and ensure they’re comfortable. The toe-cap can help!

What Should A Truck Driver Look For In A Pair Of Boots?

If you’re on the hunt for a new pair of trucker boots, there are several things you might want first to consider. You want a great pair that will not only give your feet the protection they need but will also provide you all the comfort, especially for those long hours. Here are some things to consider.

Durable Leather Uppers

You can only expect your boots to last long if they are made of the proper material. And having trucker boots with durable full grain leather uppers means they’ll keep you going for as long as possible while protecting you through various climates. Boots made of low-quality materials will only end up causing your feet discomfort and even blisters when they start falling apart. 


Another important thing worth considering first is if the boots are designed to be oil-resistant. Protection from slip and slippery surfaces is one of the most crucial safety considerations to make when buying a pair of boots for truck driving, as this will help reduce the risk of falling. 



Truck driving boots with waterproof exteriors always prove essential, especially when keeping moisture out of your boots’ interior. Waterproof leather is a great choice. Even if you don’t expect to work anywhere close to a water body, it is essential to have this feature just in case. At the same time, the inside of your boots should be breathable enough not to allow the feet to heat up or become sweaty. 

Slip-resistant soles

Slip-resistant soles will help keep your feet firmly planted and sturdy. Aside from that, they will also prevent moisture from reaching the interior of the boot. The non-slip feature gives the feet a better grip on the vehicle’s pedals. That enhances the control you get over the truck and how well you’re able to drive. 

Ready to find a great pair of work boots? Let’s get down to business and look at some of the best work boots for truck drivers. 

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What Are The Best Boots For Truck Drivers?

It’s now time to show you which trucker boots made it onto our list of the best boots for truck drivers. We’ve done the hard for you and taken our time to compile the top options based on reviews, features, brand, etc. In no particular order, these boots made it onto our list.  

Danny Quarry Boots

At the top of our list is the Danner Quarry Boots. This pair of durable boots are the true definition of American craftsmanship at its best. Little wonder it is quickly becoming the go-to standard for quality, comfort, durability, reliability, and comfort for the American worker. 

The boots are not only designed to last, but they can easily withstand the rigors of daily use. Through research and evaluation of previously worn Quarry boots, the new boots combine the fresh 12 Iron Vibram midsole with a rugged and updated Vibram outsole. 

These boots are also designed for maximum comfort to support long hours of daily work.

Rocky AlphaForce Waterproof Duty Boots

The second entry onto our list is the Rocky AlphaForce Waterproof Duty Boots. This footwear is created with leather and nylon fabric. The boots come designed to be both lightweight and durable, as they are made with high-quality and yet lightweight materials, with fabrics that will not let you down in tough conditions. Chose styles with a safety toe or soft toe, whichever you prefer.

The boots offer complete waterproof features, as they benefit from the Rocky Waterproof construction, which means that they keep the feet dry by keeping water and moisture out. They also feature a polyurethane Air-Port footbed that can absorb shock and is cushioned enough to give comfort to your feet. 

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Timberland Pit Boss Pro

Moving on, we have the Timberland Pit Boss Pro. If you know anything about leather boots, then you have probably heard about the world-famous Timberland boots brand. 

These boots easily meet all the expectations of anyone looking for a genuinely high-quality boot for a truck driving job; the Timberland Pit Boss Pro is everything a work boot should be. The design features all the essentials – resistant rubber soles for traction, slip-resistant, oil-resistant, name them. The fine leatherwork also meets all the ANSI safety standards. 

The boots feel great, comfortable, and pretty easy on the eye, but that should be the last concern. 

Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Boot

Up next, we have the Red Wing Heritage Classic Moc Boot. First created by the Red Wing in 1952, this brand of boots has become one of the world’s beloved and sought-after boots. Although it was designed for sportspeople, the boots have become one of the firm favorites of truck drivers and factory workers thanks to the traction, all-day comfort, and durability it offers. 

The added features of Traction Tread rubber outsoles, Goodyear Welt, Moc toe, and Puritan triple stitching take the boot’s durability levels through the charts. 

Carhartt 6-inch Composite Toe Boot

And last but not least, we have the Carhartt 6-inch Composite Toe Boot. This boot rounds up our list in perfect style. This boot design combines comfort, style, design, durability, and good looks into a truly high-quality end product. You can rely on them for your long-distance truck driving duties without worrying about foot discomfort, moisture, or lack of protection. 

The Carhartt 6-inch Composite Toe Boot is made of high-quality material with rubber outsoles that can stand the test of time. Plus, its perfect traction feature means that you have no reason to worry about slipping. 

Many of the best boots for truck drivers come in both men’s and women’s styles. This is important because ABCO offers many great CDL jobs for women

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