Why Peterbilt Trucks Are the Best for Truck Drivers

If you’re a truck driver, you’re no doubt interested in the different models of trucks that are out there. And you’ll want to have a truck of your own that’s goin


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October 1, 2020
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If you’re a truck driver, you’re no doubt interested in the different models of trucks that are out there. And you’ll want to have a truck of your own that’s going to offer everything you need and deliver a level of performance you can feel satisfied. One of the brand names that you’ve no doubt come across is Peterbilt, a manufacturer of some of the best trucks you’ll find anywhere in the world.

Peterbilt trucks have a strong reputation that’s been developed over not just years but decades. The company was first up and running in the 1930s, and has gone from strength to strength in the time that’s passed since then. The company focuses on manufacturing and supplying heavy and medium-duty trucks and is today headquartered in Texas, while manufacturing its vehicles in Texas and Quebec.

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Are Peterbilt Trucks the Best?


There’s obviously a variety of opinions out there about which trucks are the best, but today we’re going to take a look at the school of thought which says the best trucks available on the market right now are Peterbilt trucks. There’s a lot of evidence out there that suggests this may well be the case and the arguments made in favor of the company are undeniably strong.

If you want to find out more about Peterbilt, their trucks and what they have to offer to regular truck drivers, you’re certainly in the right place for that. We’re going to cover all of the information you need to know and help to expand your understanding of this vital brand in the world of trucks and trucking. So read on now to find out more about why Peterbilt trucks are the best for truck drivers.

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What Are Peterbilt Trucks?

This has to be the first and most important question to answer when delving into the Peterbilt brand and what it has to offer. The simple answer is that Peterbilt trucks are the trucks designed by the Peterbilt Motors Company. The company was started back in 1939 and back then it was focussed on creating trucks that were suited to the specific needs of transporting lumber. They were the company to first manufacture logging trucks.

Today, the company specializes in the design and manufacturing of commercial trucks, specifically medium-duty and heavy-duty trucks. Each of the trucks made by Peterbilt has, since 1958 when PACCAR Inc (then known as Pacific Car and Foundry Co.) bought the brand, been fitted with the red oval logo that’s now so iconic and so famously associated with the company and its trucks.

The trucks themselves have been mainstays in many commercial settings and industries for the past 60 years and more. They’re known for their build quality and reliability; two factors that are highly valued for very obvious reasons in many key industries. We’ll discuss the key advantages associated with trucks made by Peterbilt below, so you can find out more about what makes them special by continuing to read.

Are Peterbilt Trucks the Best?

Of course, the answer to this question is never going to be clear-cut or conclusive because there’s not a clear enough consensus in the trucking world on which truck company is truly the best. Nevertheless, there’s no doubting the fact that Peterbilt is one of the top truck companies out there and there are many, many people who would argue that Peterbilt has proven itself to be the very best.

Peterbilt has certainly been around for long enough to have built a strong reputation as well as a healthy brand loyalty among many truck drivers and enthusiasts. This is one of the things that makes the brand so popular but there have to be strong foundations in place for those things to be accomplished in the first place. It’s clear that the quality of the product is what’s driving their sustained and impressive popularity.

Peterbilt trucks are known for being highly reliable and for incorporating a level of build quality that’s rarely matched among its main rivals and industry competitors. That’s something that truck drivers understandably love and appreciate. They want to buy a vehicle that’s going to serve them well not just today but for many months, years and even decades to come. Peterbilt has proven that it can meet those high expectations.

The Advantages of Peterbilt Trucks

If you’re still wondering why there’s so much love and appreciation for Peterbilt trucks, we’re going to clear things up a little. There are so many great advantages that come with owning and driving these trucks and that’s why people keep returning to them time and time again.

It’s no coincidence that the brand has seen so much success and that this success has sustained for so long. There are some things in particular that the Peterbilt brand is associated with and things that people expect when they get behind the wheel of a Peterbilt truck. Find out more about these advantages below.

High-Quality & Reliability

The first thing that the Peterbilt brand is known for and associated with is high-quality truck design and manufacturing. They’re known for creating trucks that are designed for the needs of the driver and that are not going to let them down. Their reliability is known the world over and no one doubts the quality of the design processes implemented by the people at Peterbilt. They’ve proven over many years and decades that they know what they’re doing.

Anyone and everyone buying a truck wants to know that the product they’re paying for is going to serve their needs, offer a high standard of quality and remain reliable and durable for a long time to come. None of those things are surprising and it’s not rocket science. But Peterbilt has managed to consistently tick those boxes where other truck manufacturers have fallen short. And that’s partly what explains the brand’s popularity.

They Hold Their Value Well

Because of the genuine quality and overall reliability that you get when you choose a Peterbilt truck, they’re known for holding their value very well. Of course, most people who buy a good truck from Peterbilt will have no interest in selling up. But if the need to do so ever arises, it’s good to know that these trucks can be sold on the second-hand market without having to make a huge loss on the money spent.

Even the older Peterbilt models have proven to hold their value well, especially when compared to other trucks of similar specifications and from a similar time period. It means that when you buy a Peterbilt truck, you’re not really taking much of a risk even if you do eventually have a need or desire to sell it. It’s always good to know that as a buyer.

Fantastic Steering

The experience of driving a Peterbilt truck is what most people value so highly about what these trucks offer. The driving experience is what matters most when all is said and done. In particular, the steering is often noted for being particularly strong and flexible compared to other comparable trucks from other manufacturers. So if steering is something that’s near the top of your list of priorities, it makes sense to buy a Peterbilt model.

One of the things that’s impressive about the steering offered by Peterbilt trucks is the turning circle they offer. They can offer a very impressive turning circle radius that won’t be beaten by most other trucks. This is made possible by the long steering axle that Peterbilt uses in their trucks, as well as the steering box that’s among the best out there. All in all, this makes for a much better and smoother driving experience when behind the wheel of a Peterbilt truck.

Well-Insulated Cabs

Truckers who spend long periods of time in their cabs want to make sure that they’re comfortable as they do so. That’s certainly the case in most Peterbilt trucks. They’re known for designing and developing trucks with very well-insulated cabs. First of all, the build quality on these cabins is impossible to beat. And that strong built quality is the first thing that helps to create a well-insulated and comfortable interior cabin space.

All of this means that the cabin has a temperature that’s easier to control, meaning the individual driver can choose how they want their cabin to feel in terms of temperature. And then that temperature can remain relatively stable, which is something that’s important to many drivers. As well as the temperature, the noise levels can be kept pretty constant and exterior noise can be kept out to a much greater extent.

A Brand with a Proven Track Record

When you buy a Peterbilt truck, you’re buying from a brand with heritage and with a proven track record of high-quality output. Purchasing a truck is obviously a huge step and you want to be sure you’re buying from a designer and manufacturer that you can really trust. That’ll certainly be the case when you choose a Peterbilt model. Their brand name is recognized and trusted the world over because of the fantastic work they’ve done over the years.

This isn’t a young upstart or a company with a bad track record to hide in its past. Instead, it’s a company that’s been moving upwards for the best part of a century. And in that time, the brand has continued to raise the bar and innovate in a variety of important ways. Their track record speaks for itself, as does the warmth that so many people feel for the brand and the trucks that it has designed and created over the years.

Unbeatable Engines

With a Peterbilt engine, you can be sure that if you look after it, it’ll look after you in return. These engines are built to last and they perform year after year. The miles these things can rack up without any replacements or major repairs is quite incredible. It gives drivers peace of mind when they want and need it most and that’s what matters more than anything for many of them. These engines simply can’t be beaten when it comes to heavy-duty truck usage.

Of course, general maintenance helps to ensure those high standards can be met time after time and that the engine isn’t going to let you down. If you’re looking for a truck that has an engine that simply won’t let you down no matter how much you use and rely on it, it makes sense to consider a Peterbilt truck. As well as offering fantastic performance benefits, these engines have also been designed with genuine energy efficiency in mind.

Iconic and Aesthetically Pleasing Trucks

Before you experience any of the technological features or performance benefits that come with owning or driving a Peterbilt truck, you’ll see what it looks like on the outside. This is the thing that’s most impressive for many people, at least until they get the chance to know these trucks a little better. They’re designed in intricate detail and close attention is paid to the lineage and design heritage of the Peterbilt brand, and that attention to detail is loved by truck drivers too.

Some of the Peterbilt trucks have become iconic for their style and outward appearance. They’re now synonymous with American freedom and the open road. There aren’t many heavy-duty truck manufacturers out there that are as well known for their style as they are for their durability and functionality, and that’s something that can’t be ignored or underestimated. There’s no doubting the style and beauty of the very best Peterbilt trucks.

Strong Warranties and Customer Service

Another thing owners and drivers of Peterbilt trucks love is the way in which the Peterbilt company looks after its customers after they’ve made a purchase. Their trucks come with really impressive warranties that protect the purchaser for a long time. That’s something that goes hand in hand with the durability of Peterbilt trucks and the confidence the brand has in its products. They have complete confidence in their trucks’ ability to last.

As well as offering very strong warranties, Peterbilt also offers good support and customer service in general. When a customer has a problem, they’re quick to respond and help in whatever way they can. Again, this is about paying attention to the small things and it’s another factor that has helped to increase the loyalty to the Peterbilt brand that so many people feel. WIth that strong brand loyalty in place, the company knows truck drivers will keep coming back for more and more.

Is Peterbilt Made by Ford?


The short answer to this question is no. Peterbilt and Ford have no connection and Ford doesn’t have any influence over Peterbilt, nor is the Ford company in ownership of the Peterbilt brand. This is a mistake that’s often made but there’s actually no connection between the two brands at all. Ford produces its own trucks of various kinds so can be seen as a competitor of Peterbilt.

Like Ford, Peterbilt is a famous American automotive brand, although Peterbilt only produces trucks and not other kinds of vehicles, unlike Ford. The company was started by T.A. Peterman, and that’s where it gets its name. It was a small family owned business for the first couple of decades of its existence before being bought by the truck manufacturing giant PACCAR Inc in the late 1950s.

Between 1958 and the present day, the Peterbilt brand, alongside other major trucking name plates such as DAF and Kenworth, has been owned by PACCAR Inc. The automotive giant has seen major success in the US and global automotive world for more than 100 years now. But the Ford brand has played no part in this, despite the mistaken belief some people have that Peterbilt and Ford are connected in some way.

Peterbilt Trucks for Sale

There are a few options open to people looking to buy a Peterbilt truck of their own. There’s a healthy resale market out there when it comes to finding used Peterbilt trucks. And as we’ve discussed above, these trucks are built to last so choosing a used model is not necessarily going to let you down or disappoint you. There’s great value out there to be found, that’s for sure.

At the same time, the resale market is very good for sellers of Peterbilt trucks as well due to the fact that these trucks are known to hold their value very well over time and because there’s plenty of demand out there for them. There are plenty of sites that focus on the buying and selling of trucks and you’ll find plenty of Peterbilt models featured there if you take the time to look.

Of course, buying from a dealer certified by Peterbilt is the way to go if you’re looking to purchase a brand new Peterbilt model. As we’ll discuss later, this also gives you the opportunity to purchase a truck that’s custom built and able to meet your specific needs and requirements. So if you’re looking for something quite niche and specific, this is certainly the way to go.

Peterbilt 389 vs Peterbilt 579


Two of the most popular models of truck that are currently on offer from Peterbilt are the 389 and the 579. All Peterbilt models are numbered this way. You’ll find that there’s a debate in the trucking community about which of these models is best and most appealing. And as ever, there are plenty of people who fall down on each side of this argument. So which one really comes out on top?

It really comes down to individual need and preference, so let’s take a look at what sets them apart. The Peterbilt 389 has a high efficiency engine, while the cab is highly functional and customizable, featuring a programmable dash, shelving, storage and cooling. The Peterbilt 579 model is designed for aerodynamic performance and has a truly iconic design. The cab is much more spacious with comfortable and supportive seats, as well as an ergonomic dash.

That’s the key information you need to be aware of when comparing the two trucks, but there is of course a wealth of other features and specs that you can delve into if you really want to find out which one of these two incredible trucks is the one for you. Both are incredible feats of automotive engineering, so you’re unlikely to be disappointed with whichever you choose.

Peterbilt Truck Models You Should Know About

If you want to find out more about Peterbilt trucks, you’ll need to learn more about some of the most important and widely loved Peterbilt truck models available. Most of these are still in production while others are now only available on the second hand market. Read on now to find out all about the Peterbilt truck models you need to know about.

Peterbilt 220

The Peterbilt 220 is a truck designed for urban application, and as such marks it out from many of the other trucks made by the company. It has a very lightweight chassis, a tighter turning circle than other Peterbilt trucks and a range of safety features made possible by sensors.

It uses a fuel efficient engine, offers a spacious cabin for a truck of its size and offers clear information to the driver via the dashboard. Of all the smaller trucks on offer from companies such as Peterbilt, the 2020 is definitely one of the best out there; it’s perfect for urban applications.

Peterbilt 348

The Peterbilt 348 is a truck that can do a lot of heavy lifting. That much is clear just to look at it, but there’s much more going on here than a look at the vehicle might tell you. It offers real durability, and that’s exactly what drivers are looking for when taking on heavy-duty tasks and challenges.

It’s also known for being an incredibly safe truck and when driving in rough terrain and taking on all kinds of challenges, which is something that’s considered to be highly valuable. It’s all-wheel driving, making it better able to deal with tricky terrain and LED backlit gauges make for easy visibility in the cabin.

Peterbilt 389

The classic stylings of the Peterbilt 389 certainly can’t be ignored, but don’t let those classic appearances fool you. The current iteration of the 389 is a highly sophisticated, modern vehicle with a lot to offer. It combines the best of classic truck design work with modern engineering and technology.

There’s a reason why the Peterbilt 389 remains one of the most popular trucks on the market and one of the most beloved models Peterbilt has ever manufactured. It’s a truck that does it all and is effortlessly stylish while it does it. There’s not much to dislike about this truck and the high performance, high efficiency PACCAR engine won’t let you down either.

Peterbilt 520

Anyone looking for a Peterbilt truck that’s reliable and unfussy needn’t look any further than the Peterbilt 520. It’s not going to win any prizes for its looks, but for the applications it’s been designed for, it does everything well and as you’d want and expect it to. It’s also the kind of truck that runs and runs, and won’t let you down.

It’s mainly used for purposes such as refuse collection and different functions on worksites. It’s a heavy-duty vehicle that can deal with all kinds of work and can certainly be described as rugged. It boasts a robust steel sub-frame that brings that toughness and durability that you’re looking for from a truck like this one.

Peterbilt 579

There’s a lot to like about the Peterbilt 579, including the range of features and technologies it employs. But the first thing you’ll notice about it is the design of the truck. When you think of an American truck on the open road, this is the design that immediately comes to mind and it’s one of the reasons why so many people love it.

It uses an advanced predictive cruise system which also makes it more fuel efficient. Another feature which enhances its fuel efficiency is its ultra-efficient climate control system. In the cabin, the design is ergonomic and the thing that stands out is just how spacious the cabin area is. The seats offer fantastic support and genuine comfort.

Peterbilt 387

Although the Peterbilt 387 is no longer in production, meaning you can’t buy a new model or have a customized 387 made, there’s still a lot to like about this truck and it’s worth knowing about. It’s a truck with a lot to offer and anyone looking for trucks on the second-hand market should be considering this one.

The 387 dropped out of production and Peterbilt manufacturing facilities in 2010 and was made for 11 years before that. It’s a heavy-duty truck with an aerodynamic design and a wide cab that offers plenty in the way of comfort and space.

Peterbilt 379

The Peterbilt 379 is another example of a truck from Peterbilt that’s no longer in production. Nevertheless, the used models on the market are still worth considering if you’re looking for a great class 8 truck with a range of features, all available at a bargain price at the moment.

The 379 was discontinued by Peterbilt in 2007 after 20 years on the production line. In that time, it became a favorite among many truckers and even featured in a variety of movies over the years. It was a very popular choice for truck customization, which is something we’ll talk more about next.

Custom Peterbilt Trucks


One of the best and most impressive things about choosing Peterbilt is the variety on offer and the way in which you’re put in the driving seat when it comes to finding a truck that suits you. It’s possible to choose a custom Peterbilt truck, meaning it’s fully designed and created in the way you want it to be, with your needs put first and your wishes enacted through the design process.

Custom Peterbilt trucks are growing in popularity and it’s not hard to see why. When you have a truck that’s designed and built how you want it, you’re far more likely to find yourself happy with the eventual outcomes. That’s pretty obvious. And it’s exactly why so many people now choose to have their trucks custom made in line with their specific needs and the demands of their day to day work.

Every job is different and by making custom Peterbilt trucks possible, the company is recognizing that fact and offering a convenient solution for its customers. Custom Peterbilt trucks are definitely worth exploring for those with specific needs and requirements from the trucks they’re interested in purchasing.

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